Department of youth policy

The DEPARTMENT of youth policy is structural division of university, organizing teaching and educational work of higher education institution for realization of the state youth policy. Areas of work of department; Professional orientation work and recruiting of students - development of the plan of measures on the organization and carrying out professional orientation work, scheduling of departures of the working group on professional orientations on areas and regions of the republic, carrying out briefings, presentations about university, participation in actions for carrying out professional orientation work, the organization of action PUT opened  during winter, spring vacation for graduates of schools, and also participation in educational exhibitions, meetings with the best graduates of schools of Atyrau, monitoring of productivity of carrying out professional orientation work for the purpose of increase of its efficiency. Optimization of work on development and strengthening of ties of university with the enterprises and the organizations. The organization and carrying out trainings and the master - classes for future specialists in problems of the interpersonal relations, personal growth and self-determination, ways of adaptation and fixing on a workplace, to improvement of technology of job search in market conditions, to drawing up the summary and interviewing. Center of Pedagogical SKILL. Main objectives; increase of level of pedagogical skill of young and future teachers of higher education institutions, colleges and schools, development of psychology and pedagogical, professional and communicative competences, ensuring continuity of knowledge, exchange of the best practices in the environment of the faculty of higher education institution, etc. The main area of work of the Center of Pedagogical skill - development and representation for listeners of innovative programs of increase of level of pedagogical skill, holding the training seminars, trainings, master classes with participation of skilled teachers of university and other educational institutions of the region, work with the student's organizations
Work with student's organizations.Main tasks - coordination of work of bodies of student's self-government; student councils and public associations of university, development of plans of cultural and mass and festive actions of university, ensuring their performance, the organization of work in close contact with faculties and other structural divisions of university, studying of interests and inquiries of students in the sphere of leisure, the organization and holding meetings, round tables, debate, etc. Development of student's self-government is one of the main direction of youth policy of AGU of H.Dosmukhamedov. It is considered as a special form initiative, independent, responsible, social activity of students, the directed on the solution of important questions of activity of student's youth, development of its social activity. The events held by Department of Youth Policy together with other structural divisions of university in 2014-2015.
- Republican Festival of HEALTH;
 - Traditional dedication of first-year students ''With knowledge to the future'';
  - Fair of vacancies;
  - The republican charity event Day gratitude/orphanage of  boarding school of Kazybayev. House aged ;
- Opening of a republican season of labor group "Zhasyl El";
- International boxing tournament ;
- Republican tennis tournament;
- Participation in the International competition social and business of projects of students of Enactus Kazakhstan EXPO 2017;
- The ORGANIZATION of the CITY campaign isn't present - to nicotine. YES - to VITAMIN;
- Participation in the International camp Enactus Kazakhstan EXPO-2017;
- Participation in a scout camp Zhas Camp 2015;
- Cycle of meetings with public figures ''Association of generations'';
- Competition of business ideas Atameken startup-2014;
- The cultural sporting events devoted to the 20th anniversary of ANC, the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of RK ; To the 70 anniversary of the Great Victory;
- Social support of orphans and needy students;
- Free accommodation in hostels is provided to orphan students; free subscription to republican and regional printing editions;
- To participants and prize-winners of the republican and international Olympic Games, competitions privileges on payment for training are provided;
- Local representatives bank of structure give to needy students help in payment for training,H.Dosmukhamedov, S. Zimanov's nominal grants are provided to needy students. K. Sagadiyeva. G. Aliyeva;
- Free tickets in drama theater of M. Utemisov are monthly provided;
FOR STIMULATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT of STAFF of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, DEVELOPMENT of PATRIOTIC feelings, respect, love and pride of the homeland Kazakhstan entered tradition the organization of free trips to Astana for participation in celebration of day of the capital. Members of delegation, namely, teachers, commandants of hostels, porters, technicians within several days had opportunity to visit all sights of our capital, various cultural, shopping centers. There are traditional meetings of student's youth with representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora who hand certificates to owners of a grant of HeydarAliyev from among students activists.
Telephone: 8 (7122) 27-65-44
e-mail: youthpolicy@atgu.kz